Philipp Henseler is the mind, heart, and soul behind Follow Your Passion. He is a passionate surfer who had been deprived of achieving his dream of an endless summer where waves were challenging as well as plenty. However, with the fire of his passion burning bright, he came up with and carried out a plan to travel the world in search of the surfers’ heaven he always dreamt about.His search finally ended on Australian shores, where he discovered some of the finest surf spots and hordes of people who shared his passion for surfing. ‘Phil Gave His Life Reins to Passion’

Growing up, Phil always dreamt of the day when his feet would touch a surfboard and guide it through raging waves. However, his dream wasn’t realized until he had finally had enough of living life small, so he took life by the reins, and booked a trip to a surf camp in Portugal.


Phil’s passion for surfing grew like wildfire the minute he started riding the Portuguese waves. This fire was further fed by the new friendships he made in that unknown environment. As a result, Phil received the nudge he needed to explore the world and visit destinations he had never been to before. This is why Phil now wants to serve others so they too can have the opportunity to receive a nudge to change their life and put some fire back in their heart.


Philipp’s new found passion gave him the courage to leave his comfort zone and cultivate his personality through trial and error rather than by playing it safe. His constant travels also helped him experience how to survive without knowing the language and culture of the people he interacted with. As a result, he made many new friendships with representatives of different cultures across the world. It is these friendships which helped him realise that relationships need good contribution to thrive. He learnt that contribution was the basis of a friendship lined with trust. Following his passion has changed Phil’s life and now he’s on a mission to help others contribute to the world in more positive way. Phil is convinced that if more people put effort into finding their passion and following it, it will affect the world in a bigger way.


Since achieving his dream on Australia’s waves, Phil decided that it is about time that others like him discover their real purposes in life. Philipp is the creator and founder of Follow Your Passion, created to help dreamers create a life filled with passion and connect people from all around the world. Phil has organised charity concerts from the other side of the world and continues to fight for what he believes. Phil’s fire is strong and he knows how to achieve what is important.


Phil has wisdom from all corners of the globe to share and has spent the last 4 years educating himself with world class mentorship programs, personal development and business classes and learning all about the secrets to success, life management and goal development strategies. Phil has a wealth of skills and knowledge that he has used to create his business Follow Your Passion and Wave of your life, so others can get the fire burning in their hearts. Phil is helping others change their life so they can start enjoying every moment of it. Do you want to discover your passion and start getting the most out of life? If the answer is yes then contact Phil today.


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I have a vision of world freedom. I want to see a world where people are not limited and caged by worries, fears, self-doubt, guilt and pain. I believe the world would be a different place if people felt free to be who they want, achieve their goals and follow their passions without being held back by fear of judgement or failure.


Follow Your Passion is set up to start the movement towards a world of freedom beginning with you. Lets make this a reality to become aware of your passion, follow it and live it completely free as you let go of your fears and worries. Let’s experience all the world has to offer us, not just sit to the side and watch others have all the fun.


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Everybody deserves to live with an abundance of happiness and fullfilment. A life filled with purpose and passion. It is my mission in life to help people discover and follow their passion so they can become less frustrated and more fulfilled within themselves. If people are provided the opportunity to discover their own passion their contribution will add more value to the world.


I have a purpose to help everyone step outside their comfort zones and become connected to their present lives and the world around them.


The first time I saw the ocean I knew where I belonged, by the sea. I dreamed of surfing since that day. Once I learned to surf I discovered surfing was my passion. What is yours? My mission is to help you find it. After a lot of frustration and many challenges I decided to get brave enough to step outside my comfort zone and follow my passion. What adventures are waiting for you behind your comfort zone? I left all that I knew behind and went in search of big waves and a big dream. Following my passion has changed my life and now I’m on a mission to help others be brave and share the joy and stoke I have found in the ocean and in life experiences. If more people put effort into finding their passion and following it I am convinced it will affect our world in a bigger way.


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