Hailing from Frankfurt Oder, Astrid Huebner our Follow Your Passion Ambassador is a marvellous example of a woman who outgrew limitations to follow her passions. This is why she is one of the best people to represent Follow Your Passion.

From Humble Beginnings

The first suppression she remembers date back to 1988, when she was forced to change her name to Astrid before Astried_Hübner - ambassadorshe and her family could migrate from East Germany. Despite complying with the Deutsche Demokratische Republik (DDR), the family would not yet taste the sweetness of freedom.

On their way to Cologne, the Hübner family stopped for five days at Giessen, a shabby resident camp for immigrants. Reaching the German city didn’t help them get rid of Giessen’s stale taste either, especially since they arrived with a lot of bags an no money except for a 48 West D-Mark the government had given them. This is why Astried’s first memories of Cologne were made at a 20m2 room at her aunt’s house.

After spending 10 weeks there and months in different houses, the Hübners bought and moved into their first personal flat in 1994. Her parents had not rented a home before because of an old DDR belief which states that trusting the government or asking for its help in any way would ruin them when they had to pay back. It is that same belief which made Astried’s family work harder than most to put food on the table and generate enough funds for life’s necessities and the children’s schooling.

The Passions of Astried Hübner

Astried Hübner - snowfootageIn 2007, Astried graduated from the Fachhochschule Dusseldorf (University of Applied Sciences) with a degree in visual communication. Graphic design had always been her passion, and having her degree in hand was one step closer to it. So, she quit everything and everyone in Cologne and headed to Berlin where she spent the next three years. There, she discovered that she couldn’t work as a full-time employee. Not only was the pay not proportionate to her time, but a 9-5 job was too constricting for her to enjoy me-time, her passions and her dreams to travel.

As a result, she chose to become a freelancer and to offer her services on her own terms. However, because she needed more to pay the bills and taxes in Germany, she took up different jobs, including model, bartender, bag seller, and recording assistant manager. Yet, none of these jobs appealed to her as that of a bike messenger, which is what she always chose when given the chance to.

By August 2010, Astried decided that she missed her family and friends back in Cologne. As she was a firm believer of “Think, Decide, Act”, she left the next month without saying goodbye to her Berlin acquaintances. However, within 10 months of her return, she felt blank again and decided this time to start following another dream, one she had had since she was 14: leaving Germany and living abroad. So, she moved to Basel, Switzerland, where she is closer to nature’s beauty and able to experience a higher quality of life.

Post-Switzerland Events

Since her move to Basel, Astried has spent her time between working on graphic design projects and as a bike messenger. She even worked as a full-time employee for five weeks at and enjoyed the friendly, open-minded, and honest atmosphere.  After that, she received a two-month contract which gave her the chance to work one shift as a messenger. Therefore, she was able to combine both her passions and be paid for pursuing them.

Though 2012 gave her some hurdles, mainly a shattered left wrist and inconsistent graphic design projects, Astried Hübner continues to face the world with a smile. After all, she believes that hope is all around her. Besides, as a person who follows her passions, she knows that she will always succeed and triumph against the odds.

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