I believe that sometimes the universe wants to show you something special or take you some place amazing! I think that it dose this by placing something called passion deep in your heart. Then its up to you to choose to follow it!

I have had passion living deep in my heart for my whole life, and I’m sure that you have too! Passion doesn’t always ask you to do something dangerous or super crazy, it can be something so simple like swimming in the water, lying in the sun or showing someone some Love.

The hardest times in my life were a result of choosing not to follow my passion and choosing not to be myself. High School was the hardest. I remember when I moved and started at a new school in Brisbane City, which was a massive shock because I grew up in a little town on a mountain called Tamborine. I was only there for a little while because I was so lost and so disconnected from my true self. I felt like I had to be someone els all the time because I was scared that who I really was would be rejected. I found myself so deep in lies that I even thought I deserved to go through pain! How did I come to believe something so COMPLELTY untrue?

I was quite un-loving to myself for a long time, I was always self-bashing, mentally and physically, but even though I was in a dark place I always had a passion for Life living in my heart, and I was strong in choosing NOT to follow it, instead I would spend my time wondering around seeking basic stimulation, because of this I began to develop lots of harmful addictions that still haunt me to think about!

Looking back I can see a clear turning point in my life, and that was when I was introduced to a feeling called Love… by a special girl. She taught me all about Love and showed me how to connect with it. I was so on fire for this new feeling of Love that it only took a month or so to completely turn my life around!

Ever since then I began to feel and take notice of the passion for life that was in my body, I would listen to it carefully and let it take control of my life. I followed my passion all over the place and it took me on an incredible journey through songwriting, music recording, T-Shirt making, gardening, business planning and eventually… film making!!


When I go out and make a movie there is always a calm feeling of joy inside me. It’s the most incredible thing to set out with some friends and just have fun! It never really matters how the video turns out, just as long as we have fun and enjoy getting into all kinds crazy situations! The more fun we have the better the film turns out! Film takes me to places and introduces me to people that I would never have ever met if I didn’t follow my passion! Life becomes special with you do what you love.

The beautiful thing about passion is that it never stays the same. It always wants to evolve and grow into something much more than you can imagine. Always let your passion grow in a natural direction and try not to be to controlling. Your passion will look after you! Trust us!

In eternal Love,

Elijah Cavanagh