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We all have 86400 seconds a day- how many seconds do you truly do what you are here for ?

Unfortunately there is no remote control to get them back ! I do not wanna scare anyone I just would like to be honest with you as There is no guarantee of how many seconds, days, months, years & decades we have in this lifetime.

Do you know that feeling that you are not getting what you truly desire???
& slightly but steady you get pissed off with yourself and the people around you for no explainable reason.

You work day in & day out
doing overtime
work on the weekends
& it is just exhausting and far from fulfilling
even if you are good at your job or your business.

You just feel STUCK somehow.

The long days and hours is not what bothers you.
You just know there must be something more to life then getting up to work all your life

It just does not 100% feel right

I have been there myself and watched many people along the way

I know what it feels like, it is draining frustrating and depressing
and guess what it is exactly that.

I was good in what I was doing.
I even enjoyed it for quite some times
I was working for myself did what I wanted to do at the time
(that is what I thought I wanted to do or NEEDED to do -by the way 😉

There where just a few essential things missing in my life !

The reason WHY I kept getting up even if I felt Dimmer and dimmer and I had no clue how to get out of this rut at the time, I just knew deep down this system where we are living in is not for me!
It was just not working for me.

To work all year to get by
To work to have 2 weeks holiday a year

Where I finally could do what I was truly passionate about

I just knew that is not enough
Not enough to keep me going !

I had enough of living a lie

I was locked up in my own created prison.

I was landlocked in the area where I was offering my service & I did not see a way out of it.
One big reason why is because I did not take enough breaks to truly reflect if I was getting me where I wanted to go
I did not allow myself to have fun as I was not growing up in an environment where that was part of my culture.

I know to some of you that might sounds a bit cheesy
as this is what our subconscious mind is telling us
another one of those events 😉

What if this event might be somehow different and you walk away with some nuggets that
open your eyes to a new direction in life

As I said we have 86400 seconds available a day

How many seconds do you waste dreaming of a better life

Often we allow our own negative self talk to not go ahead with
Why we are here for.

The change comes from within

YES It is work & it is worth it 😉

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or pass this on to someone that is stuck.

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To live life with more passion & purpose

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