Gustavo is surely a very passionate individual. Let’s go straight to the heart of this guy and see how he lives his life. Here is his main message:


“Choose to LIVE A LIFE OF PURPOSE based on your OWN VALUES and exercising your NATURAL STRENGHTS. Honor who you are, BE KIND to others and yourself, and know that there is much power when you BELIEVE in yourself and decide to be fully AUTHENTIC in your engagement with life!”


Here is a little on his story:


The Early Years


Gustavo was born in Brazil, in the busy metropolis of Sao Paulo; a lively city where everything is happening (“at once”) and home to about 19 million people. Too busy he says! Although he lived in the city, his entire childhood involved summer trips to a family farm located in the heart of Brazil. “Explosive starry skies, endless rolling-fields and the loud call of blue macaws amidst silent deep red sunsets… Nature at its best” he says! He feels that those moments in his childhood taught him the value and uplifting power of being connected to the liveliness and beauty of nature. This deep connection to the natural world was the foundation for what later would become a part of his life work: to help people reconnect to nature and their own naturalness.


The Move Across the World


His dissatisfaction with the craziness of everyday life in a busy city paired with his sensation-seeking personality and explorative spirit catapulted him abroad. In 1999 he came to Australia, a land he fell in love with immediately. From the very beginning he threw himself in all the tracks, desert beaches, and islands he could find.


“How exciting and nourishing were all those camping trips in the company of good friends and my wife; and sometimes in total solitude. All those bonfires, sunrises and classic waves… Precious!!!” he says.


Then the birth of a beautiful child, followed by another one… and another one… Which propelled him to explore and plan a more solid career path to sustain it all. His ever-present love for helping others led him to tertiary studies in Psychology. A Bachelor Degree in Social Sciences, then a Postgraduate Diploma of Psychology, then a Master of Clinical Psychology… “Wait, wait…” you must be saying. How could he do all these studies with a young family and no extended family around? That’s right… he didn’t. Very close to the end of the Master he collapsed. Countless sleepless nights, infinite hours of reading, endless paperwork, ridiculously large assignments, clinical folios, absence from his kids and wife in a crucial moment, decaying health, no surf, crying children, overdue bills, name it! All of this together with the focus of clinical psychology on pathology, on what is wrong with people, made him re-assess his choices. It was then that he took the leap. He chose to follow his passion!


Passions Visions Purpose


Gustavo is a very passionate individual. “I am passionate about lots of things!” He says.


  • I am passionate about the miracle of life and the beauty of the natural world.
  • About people, and listening deeply and empathically to their unique life stories.
  • About helping others to tap into their natural strengths and virtues and utilize them to overcome challenges and intentionally create a more meaningful life.
  • About how our entire lives unfold in the present moment and about how wonderful it is to honor each moment of life.
  • About deep human connection, human potential, and expanding on unconditional love.
  • About the immensity and magnificence of the universe above and the mystery and potential of the universe within.
  • About conscious experiences of interconnectedness with life, and simultaneously, the unrestricted expression of our individuality.
  • About the possibility of cultivating real peace of mind through mindfulness meditation and a heartful engagement with life.
  • About authenticity, spontaneity, freedom and optimal human functioning.
  • About people taking charge of their lives, facing fears and expressing their full authentic selves with the world!
  • About surfing, snowboarding, hiking, camping, trekking, photography.
  • And about being the best he can be for his family.



Moments of Stuckness


Before he fully embraced his authentic self and began to really trust his vision, talents and purpose there were a couple of things he had to overcome.

Things like fear of judgment and embarrassment, of being too different, of not knowing enough; societal and family pressures to follow a specific career path, self-limiting thoughts and emotions; societal beliefs that neglect a meaningful exploration of our uniqueness and potentiality and favor materialistic success and conformity, to name a few.