I grew up in Sydney’s South in Kirrawee near Cronulla Beach and lived there till my early 20s. I hated my childhood in many ways. Every time I went to school, I was bullied and often bashed up, continually harassed and tormented. I would even have a group of kids waiting after school to beat me up. I ended up starting boxing and weight lifting at age 16 to be able to fight back. I turned into a rebel after all the bullying as I harboured a lot of Anger. I rebelled against any authority figure who tried to control me. I was fed with the life I had and living by other peoples terms. When I was 18, I moved out of home and started work as a Mechanical Engineer, and this is when I really started to push Life’s boundaries and things started to spiral out of control. Due to my work environment I started drinking after work, partying hard and my drug addiction started to rapidly take shape.

I never felt as a child growing up that I received the support from my parents that I was looking for and on top of this I felt controlled and picked on which fuelled the anger I could feel brewing inside of me. This anger fuelled my rebellion against authority and at Life in general and also the growing drug addiction. I would spend 3-4 days over a weekend, every weekend for a period of 6 months in Kings Cross with no sleep, smoking 2-3 packets of 16mg Winfield Red cigarettes a day, smoking  marijuana several times a day, drinking copious amounts of Jack Daniels, swallowing pills and acid tabs, snorting lines of Speed and Cocaine the entire length of the coffee table and a wide array of other Drug cocktails to get High.

One day, I returned home to my parents house and my Mother freaked out and was very worried about me. I dodged her questioning, went to take a shower, got undressed, I looked at myself in the mirror. I scanned my entire body and finished by looking into my eyes. What I saw frightened me so much, I instantly realised if I continue going down this path I would end up dead or in Jail. In that moment, it scarred the shit out of me when I realised what I had become. This was a major turning point in my life. I went cold turkey and gave up everything instantly. I started to go to the gym, started eating healthy and my mission was to detox my body and my mind and basically save myself.

About a year later I went overseas, travelled through Europe and when I returned, I quit my job as an engineer. I had grown so much whilst away I had this deep desire to dramatically change my life and start to only do what I want with my life instead of doing what i need to just to earn a wage. I started to become free, instead of getting told by people what I am supposed to do.

When I asked myself, what do I want to do for the rest of my life, I instantly thought I want only to do what I love to do. So I asked my self the magic question.

What do I Love to do? I had a vision of me training in the gym and the second image was helping my friends with their training and also helping the disadvantaged children who came to train every Tuesday night. So the light bulb moment was, I’ll become a personal trainer working in the fitness industry.




As soon as I completed my qualifications, everything else started falling into place. My first job was in the prestigious Tattersalls Club training the top Magistrates, Lawyers and Doctor’s in Sydney. And from here my Passion and Life Mission quickly started to unfold.

For me it’s all about Energy. Raising Your Cellular Vibration. To Transform people’s lives through Energetic Healing, and The 10 Pillars of Health. My mission is to Speak my Truth about Life, Why we are here, what we came to do, How to Manifest the Life you Desire and more importantly What holds you back and How to Release it Permanently. To help people realise their true potential and achieve it.

I believe in Living Your Dreams and following your intuition no matter where it may take you! You have a song inside you that you were born with and it is your Destiny to sing this song for the rest of your days until you take your last breath.

I recommend to anyone who feels stuck or is unclear on what to do with their life to take some time off and get away in nature to think about their life, to feel into what excites them and what they love to do. Ask yourself what you tend to do in 10 or 15 years’ time. A lot of people are so caught up in their own circumstances that they stay in their situation because they are scared about change.

Most people aren’t energetically grounded and their energy is upwardly displaced, in their head, especially with the modern day hectic, busy lifestyle. They wear shoes that disconnect them with earth. They are dehydrated, drink coffee and energy drinks, sit at a desk all day, don’t exercise accordingly to their body and blood type, don’t get enough direct Sun light, wear sunglasses, etc etc etc. Getting grounded is all about posture, so the energy can flow down your body, connecting you to the Earth. For some people yoga or surfing connects them with the earth. But we can also open up your physical body with massage, energy healing which allows the energy to flow down to the earth.

When I am blocked or not feeling in the flow with what I am doing. I train and move my physical energy or I sit in nature and look into a tree and connect in the energy around me. I breathe and connect to the energy of the earth and feel the oneness. From there things just flow. I practise martial arts, go to the gym.

My Passion and Life Purpose here on Earth is something that has intuitively evolved over time. I have continually worked on myself, letting go of what was holding me back, staying true to myself, focusing on what I wanted to do from moment to moment. It started with a strong passion for weight training in the gym, and then working in the Tattersalls Club where I was exposed to massage which I was very curious about and started learning, at that same stage I experienced an energy healing which led me into meditation and becoming an energy healer, then NLP and body psychotherapy.



We came here in this life to experience Abundance in all forms, to Love unconditionally and have an Amazing Adventure full of laughs along the way. Yes you will have challenges, but they also shape who you become. You will never feel deeply fulfilled within yourself if you are not following your true passion. If you are not excited about what you are doing Stop, and reevaluate your direction. If you are following your passion this enables you to move through challenges easier, and more importantly it ignites your soul.

My core values in life are Truth, Passion, Love, Integrity, Honesty.

I look up to people like Elene Johannsen, Michael Jordan, Bruce Lee and Bob Proctor, people who have gone through a lot of pain to break free from the system and to Follow their hearts Desires and Passion. They also have become very successful by doing so. I am very grateful for who I am, for my soul and attitude towards life. I am also deeply grateful for all of the amazingly beautiful and supportive teachers, friends and family members.

If money and time was not an objective, I would do exactly the same that I am doing now. This is my life purpose. If I had more money I would do it on a lot larger scale, changing more peoples lives. I am following my intuition and living my passion.

Get Grounded, listen to your Intuition, follow your hearts passions and live your dreams, no matter what they are. Live in the now!