Karola Steffi  Follow Your Passion Ambassador 

Follow Your Passion Ambassador Karola Steffi was born in Germany and at the age of 23 migrated to Australia and as a registered Migration Agent she is helping people to also realise their dream to obtain permanent residency in Australia  


Karola grew up in a very small village in Germany. Growing up in a small community offers protection, comfort and security, it also means people have these preconceived ideas about you. It’s hard to try new things when people are expecting you to be the person you have always been.


At the age of 22, Karola visited Australia for the first time and it was love at first sight.


There is always reaction to any changes you try and make people feel uncomfortable about it and that can be very stifling to your growth as a human being.

Karola believes, if she had stayed in Germany she would have remained trapped by her environment, and she would have ended up going nowhere.


At the age of 45, Karola was ready for a change in her life. She discovered a new métier and pursued academic studies for the first time in her life with the goal to help other striving individuals to immigrate to their destiny – Australia.


As a Migration Agent, Karola gets many e-mails from migrants asking about migrating to Australia. When she starts the process of advising the necessary steps in applying for a visa, she breaks down the process on what steps they need to undertake to get permanent residency in Australia. That’s her job. But more importantly, she tells them not to give up on their dream as otherwise she knows the feeling of remaining trapped by your circumstances.


Karola regularly gets a buzz out of people who have a dream and with tenacity peruse their dream of migrating to Australia.


Karola Probono migration work

Karola in action doing Probono migration work!

But not everyone is lucky enough to hold a passport that allows you to immigrate to Australia. Every year, thousands of refugees and asylum seekers strand on Australian shores. Depending on the circumstances, Karola tries to help where she can. She offers her expertise and labour for free to disadvantaged people who need it the most. She volunteers and helps with humanitarian visas as she has a belief that you can succeed and above all you need to love what you are doing.


„There is a great energy and excitement about starting a new life“, says Karola. „It is an absolutely waste of time spending your time doing a job you do not like in order to go on doing things you do not like and teaching our children to follow the same track.“


Karola holds a Bachelor Degree in Social Science and a Postgraduate Degree in Migration Law and Practice from Griffith University.

She is also a Pro Bono Migration Agent with the St Vincent De Paul Society.


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