Marc Conca is an inspirational figure to those passionate about surfing. His story is just one of the reasons which earned him the title of Follow Your Passion’s Ambassador.

The Beginning of it All


Marc Conca was born in Barcelona on the shortest night of the year 1974. As a resident of the most western point of the Mediterranean Sea, his first memories are those of a wave-less ocean and the aromas of sunscreen off sun-seeking beachgoers. However, whereas he remembers his childhood to be surrounded by nature, his teenage years became devoid of green scenery when his homeland cleared it out to make room for structures hosting the 1992 Summer Olympic Games.

Perhaps it was concrete and textbooks or his tender teenage years that drove him to think about rebelling and skateboarding, but his nature became engulfed in dreams to live in a world apart, just like Peter Pan in Neverland. Therefore, as a poor student, he invested more time and energy on the audio-visual world. This, along with the visible post-Olympic boom, inspired him to study and excel at graphic designing. However, not only did his new found passion open the doors to creativity, but it inspired him to take on surfing as a personal quest which he intends to pursue his whole life.

Marc’s First Steps to Following His Passion


On the professional side, Marc was quite successful. Not only was he working with multinational brands at one of the best advertising agencies in the country, but he was also able to enjoy job perks, such as wild parties filled with beautiful women and smooth drinks. However, with time, he realised that his awards brought him no recognition, the money he earned didn’t buy him time, and his passion for surfing was hardly fulfilled at dribs and drabs.

After years of being hooked to a false illusion of work and prosperity, Marc saw the light. It may have been within him long before he was born, but he never felt its warmth and brightness so intensively before. This beam of energy guided him to renounce his professional career, sell his car, leave his girlfriend, and take off in search of waves his surfboard could defy. With a determined mind and a passion-filled heart, he set his sights on Costa Rica.

After arriving at Costa Rica, Marc managed to do what most of us fail to accomplish: relive his childhood. With nature engulfing him, he spent his days either with a surfboard under his arms or roaming barefoot around and on top of volcanoes. However, in spite of all of these, he would always remember Costa Rica as the country where he scoured one of the longest left hand waves in the world.

His travels took him to the Asian continent, Indonesia to be precise. Despite being far from home, his homesickness was driven far away by the sunscreen aromas he grew up inhaling. While surfing Indonesia’s waters, Marc managed to fulfil a dream he had since he started surfing 20 years ago. With the help of the local people and waves, he was able to experience what it’s like to be inside a barrel.

How Marc Indulges in His Passion Now


Throughout his surfing journey, Marc understood what his passion meant to him: an escape from reality; a dream, an idea. This revelation came to him while living for five months in a van in Eastern Australia, which is why he decided to stray from the trends and surf paths established by the surf industry. He had already experienced “underground” surf in Barcelona, where he joined a small tribe of surf enthusiasts to conquer the Mediterranean Sea’s waves without witnesses to vouch for their achievements. With these thoughts in mind, Marc became involved in two surf project: Agua de Surf and Surf Klan.

Through Agua de Surf, Marc fused his creative streak with his love for surfing and created pieces of art and photographs which showcase his passion. On the other hand, Surf Klan allows him to step away from the current surf trends carried out worldwide and boycott phenomena such as overcrowding peaks, water contamination, beach fights, and fashion posers imitating professional surfers. With Surf Klan, Marc aims at calling suffers back to their roots in order to recreate surf tribes such as those found in yesteryears.

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