Matthes Straetmans

Follow Your Passion Ambassador Matthes Straetmans (Lazy65) is an Aachen Old School artist legend. His passion for painting and graphic art knows no ends, a fact that makes him worthy of the title of Follow Your Passion Ambassador.

Matthes Straetman’s History with His Passion

Born and raised in Aachen, Matthes Straetmans was introduced early to the arts at every nook and corner of the German city. By autumn 1985, he took action by spraying graffiti on the city’s walls. However, most of his masterpieces were either painted over or left without a signature tying them to their maker. This motivated him to take his art to the next level.

Come 2000, Matthes started working as a freelance artist. He also took up the job of a painter and graphic artist by 2003. However, nothing satisfied his passion for art as much as graffiti, which is why 2003 also marked his return to this form of modern art. That year, he created his first land art graffiti using natural materials local to the region. Since then, he has created different pieces of art using some of his favourite materials, such as spray paint, oil, acrylics, toys like Lego, and plastic beads.

Ambassador - Mattes Stratmanns footage

Matthes’ Current Projects

Matthes continues to create different land art graffiti pieces across Aachen. He also creates art pieces which go on display at expos in different regions, including Brussels, Cologne, and Düsseldorf. Aside from these activities, he pursues his artistic dreams in different parts of the world, such as the Netherlands, Belgium, Bosnia, Estonia, and Gambia.