I was born in Bochum in Germany and was part of the punk-rock and skateboard scene during my teenager times. In the late 90s, I moved to Cologne to study sports. To make a living I worked in Skateboard shops and stayed connected with the community. In 2000, I felt in love with surfing. This is when I met Philipp as well and we instantly connected. Ever since, we are supporting and pushing each other. From this we both got a positive output and we remind each other to stay on track following our passion.

When you start working, a new chapter starts in your life. Everything becomes more stressful. One day, my wife and I were sitting together and we decided that this stressful life doesn’t work for us. We both felt stuck with the situation we were in. From outside our life looked perfect but for us it was not the life we imagined for ourselves and also for our kids.

I had my own business but I somehow felt that this was not really me. Once I started it, I felt like I couldn’t move backwards and as I am a person that doesn’t like giving up, I was stuck in a business and in a life that didn’t really reflect the person I wanted to be and the lifestyle I wanted to live. It felt so sick to be stuck in something that was not my world. It was hard to be stuck somewhere where you invest a lot of time, money and energy in.

We realised that we had to do something. We had to leave the situation we created to be able to move on. It was a tough decision but the change was inevitable. Long story cut short, I sold the business and started transforming my life.

After travelling the world for a bit, my wife and I decided to move to France. We wanted to live close by the ocean and also we saw a business opportunity for us emerging. France was not too far away from my family, let’s say it has a healthy distance to our old life. Not too far to visit friends and family and still in the same time zone but far enough to live my own life. Most importantly, it has an ocean full of waves in front of my doorsteps.



Surfing expresses everything that I am. It is like finding yourself. Driving to the ocean in the morning, listening to my favourite music, seeing the waves rolling in – this not only makes me feel good, it fulfils me. There is nothing better than sharing this perfect moment with my mates, my wife and my kids. This has become reality for me, it has become my everyday life. This passion is feeding the love for my family, it gives me the energy to get out of the bed every day and also to feel really human.

Surfing is the sport I was searching for to be free. You can evolve every day. You come to a point where you think you can’t get any better. You can get absolutely frustrated. Next day, you get out again and you realise that is the best session you ever had. It calms you down, it pumps you out. You travel, you share a great time with friends, and you also make new friends. You get to know foreign places and you can connect with your natural state. Surfing can give you everything you need. It certainly does it for me.

Connecting to your passion and to do what you love is a human essential. In case you don’t follow your passion, you are simply an empty bag that is carried by the wind. Exposed to outer influences and not in charge of your own destiny.

To follow my passion gives my life purpose and it helps me to be a better person. With my wife on my side, I know we can achieve everything together. We did the step and left everything behind, friends and family and somehow we made it. The move helped us to grow personally immensely. I am not striving to be rich or famous. I want to be a good father and help people finding and following their passion.




If there is one thing I wish to share with the world, it would be to remind you to Be Alive. Don’t forget to live. Value every day. Absorb the smell, the things you see and the things you experience. Follow Your Passion.