I grew up in a small city called Exeter, surrounded by the rolling hills of Devon in southwest England. My parents guided me through childhood but let me explore my own path and thoughts freely. From a young age, I had the passion for extreme activities. We jumped from every bridge and cliff face we could find, skated and rode our BMX bikes, toured moors and forests, built go-karts and rode motocross bikes. But when I finally finished my studies I needed more.….


After working as plumber, I travelled the world. From India to Nepal, Lebanon to Israel, Australia to Indonesia, Japan to South East Asia. I wanted to see it all, I wanted to soak it all up and learn from other cultures and traditions. By 2008, I was working as a Scuba Dive Master in the Philippines. This is where I also began my professional fire-dancing career.


I had found my passion and people wanted to pay to watch it! I loved performing and sharing my emotions through movements combining dance and fire. I found it easy to express myself; I had found true peace and equilibrium with everything around me; I was in harmony with all; I danced as if no one was watching.


Seeking adventure and adrenalin, I toured Asia and began fire dancing wherever people would hire me. I then had an offer to move to Ibiza and start a fire entertainments company ‘Energy Entertainments’ with a close friend. We started busking on the streets in front of bars and restaurants. These were hard times, having to put up with drunken louts on the streets of San Antonio and occasionally running from the police who didn’t like our show!


We put our heart and soul into performing everywhere and it began to pay off. We were soon booked to perform seven days a week at the most prestigious clubs, parties and corporate events.


Life was good until the major fire hit the north of the island. The government stopped all fire shows; even candles in restaurants were being banned! Our workload dropped dramatically and we struggled to make ends meet. The government blamed a Bee Keeper for starting the fire but still people were scared to hire fire performers.


I was in limbo. What could I do now? People told me my dream lifestyle was over. “Time to get a real job”.


I thought about my life, where I wanted to be, what I wanted to achieve and how far was I willing to go? Back in Devon, I found a new passion for surfing and I knew I wanted to live somewhere with good waves and an active lifestyle. I wanted to be surrounded by like-minded people who were creative and cared about the environment. I have chosen Currumbin in Queensland, Australia to settle for a while and fulfil my dreams of an active and sustainable way of living. My passion to perform is still burning bright. Australia has allowed Energy Entertainments to reach new heights and I’m meeting and collaborating with a variety of talented artists.


My biggest present concern is our environment; for humanity to find a way to stop consuming on a mass scale, to find a way to become sustainable and self-sufficient, without using up all of Mother Earth’s resources. We waste up to 30% of all food produced worldwide and still people go hungry. We use fossil fuels when there are other solutions; we abuse our oceans and fill it with products and chemicals that filter through our drains.

We need to come together and believe we can make a change. We make the choices in our lives, we can choose to live more sustainably, now and in the future. By following our own passion, we are creating our own paths and following our own dreams. Never give up on what we believe in, every knock back makes us stronger, so lets come together and have as much fun as possible without jeopardising the world we live in.


“You must be the change you wish to see in the world” – Mahatma Gandhi


Smile at the world and the world will smile back.