Follow Your Passion Shirt

Wear Your Passion wherever you go

Alright let’s bring some truth to the table about what these shirts are really all about. Why should you buy a follow your passion shirt if there a trillions of T shirt brands out there 😉 First of all FYP is not a typical T shirt brand. WHY?? Because we believe in the message we have created and we want to spread it to you and across the world. FYP shirts are all about connection and promoting people to live their life with passion and purpose. These shirts are a great conversation starter, I’ve been stopped on the street because people love the message!

When wearing a FYP garment you’ll be reminded of the change you are making to yourself & the earth. You know when openminded people want to buy eco friendly fashion and they can t find it? All they can find are low quality, unsustainable products , most likely produced by child labour . We provide sustainable , organic , eco friendly fashion made in Australia with real sizes to match. This is why our production line is fair, eco friendly, high quality, nice to wear and good looking


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