Follow Your Passion Ambassador Seba Carvallo has always been passionate about learning and growing to be a better person, a fact easily confirmed by the projects he dedicates his time and effort to. However, there is more to Seba than these, which is why it was hard not to ask him to be a Follow Your Passion Ambassador.

How Seba Carvallo Let His Passion Engulf Him

Seba was born in La Serena, Chile, a town quite popular with surfers due to its proximity to right hand point break Punta Teatinos and Totoralillo peninsula’s several breaks. From a young age, the ocean was his friend and second home. However, it wasn’t until later that he tried his hand at surfing, a sport which made him passionate and happy whenever he indulged in it.

Because of his strong attachment to the deep blue ocean, Seba found it hard to be confined to a specific routine. In fact, it was at an early stage that he decided that his time was too precious. Therefore, as a man who enjoyed thinking, reflecting, surfing, travelling and socialising, the best thing he could do for himself was to be his own boss.

Since then, Seba has always been blessed with freedom to follow his passion while caring for his life partner and their beautiful son Nalu. He has also developed new passions, especially for music and protecting the environment. Therefore, Seba has been able to reach most of his aims in life, which are to keep surfing, doing the things he loves, and continue growing a beautiful family with good values.

To FYP fans, Seba has a small message: “Keep on finding ways to do the things that you love. Stop and think about what you want and be creative and open about the ways that you can achieve this.”

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Projects Which Help Seba Remain Passionate

To keep the fire of his passion burning, Seba is involved in different projects, including:

  • Chilesafari – Through this project, Seba intends to introduce suffers to the epic breaks Chile has to offer. More information is available at
  • Olas Limpias – Seba’s passion for protecting the environment has driven him to Olas Limpias, a group dedicated to cleaning up Chile’s local beaches and promoting the importance of looking after its oceans. The group has also formed local surfer ambassadors in different spots in order to draw surfers and teach them to follow their passion the green way. For more information, check out
  • Ecosolutions – Ecosolutions is a company which aims at finding eco-friendly solutions for different problems and issues. Seba is currently involved in its efforts to come up with suitable alternatives for plastic bags and plates in Chile. To find out about the company’s work, go to
  • Dcontracatcho – Born from his passion for music, Dcontracatcho is a reggae band which Seba plays with. You can see him lending his vocals and strumming the guitar to songs he wrote. Through his band, he aims at promoting core values such as spreading good vibes and keeping the ocean clean.
  • Good Vibes – Rather than a project, Seba considers Good Vibes to be an entire concept and attitude. He intends to inspire people through surf, music, and art. Currently, Good Vibes is importing, representing, and distributing surf brands which benefit others and the environment and simply promote a “good vibes way of living”. Check out for more information.