Follow Your Passion Ambassador Yoshiro Takeda is one of the top surfboard shapers in Australia. However, what most people don’t know is that he is one of the very few who embraced their passion and work by it every day. It is his sheer motivation and determination which make him perfect as a Follow Your Passion Ambassador.

The Beginnings of Yoshiro Takeda

Yoshiro, or Yoshi as his friends call him, was born and raised in a small army town called Chitose in Hokkaido Island, Japan. However, the proximity also meant cold and cloudy weather most of the year, which is why Yoshi’s first passion was snowboarding.

In addition to skiing on the slopes of Niseiko, he indulged in surfing in the freezing water surrounding the island. It is through both of these sports that Yoshiro discovered his passion for surfboard shaping. Therefore, he decided to work at one of the island’s few surf shops. However, when he felt that he learnt all there was on the island, he packed his bags and left to the Gold Coast, the heart of the surfing industry according to Japanese surfers.

Within four years from his arrival to Australian shores, Yoshi managed to make a name for himself as the founder of the TAKEDA brand. However, he never forgets how his journey to the top started – at a surf beach back in Hokkaido.

How Yoshiro Daily Re-ignites His Passion

Every day, Yoshi reminds himself that he was quite lucky to find a passion and stick with it throughout. In fact, he believes his job to be a form of addiction through which he intends to become the world’s best surfboard shaper. To you, FYP followers, he offers a four-worded advice which he chants to himself every day: “Do Not Give Up”.